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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Orange Charging Wellies.

Orange Charging Wellies.

With the Glastonbury Music Festival drawing near, Orange decided it was time to present their latest eco-invention, a pair of wellies that can charge up mobile phones.

Created in collaboration with renewable energy experts GotWind, these charging wellies have a ‘energy generating sole’ that transform the heat from your feet, into electricity. All you have to do is attach your mobile phone to one of the wellies, and start walking.

It sounds like revolutionary technology, and it is, but you’ll need to do a lot of walking to create enough energy. For example, for one hour of charge time, you have to walk for about 12 hours, in the wonder wellies. But you can speed things up by running, or dancing. The idea is to get your feet as hot as possible, to produce more energy.

The charging wellies, made by Orange, will be presented at the upcoming Glastonbury Festival.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

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BomB Finder Rat


BomB Finder Rat



Staff at Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary near Liskeard, Cornwall, have been teaching Gambian poached rat Kofi to alert handlers when he detects a mine.

Kofi is too small to set off the booby-traps but his acute sense of smell can pick up the scent of the bomb casing.




Rats have been trained in Africa to hunt for land mines but Kofi is the first to undergo the program in Britain.

Handler Wendy Winstanley now plans to contact the Army and the police anti-terror unit to offer her rats' services for use both home and abroad.

She said: "Kofi is amazing, his sniff ability is really incredible. People think of rats as vermin but they are highly intelligent creatures.

"They have a more heightened sense of smell than dogs and because they are so much lighter they have less chance of setting off an explosive.

"Obviously we don't have land mines in this country but I'm so happy with his development that I would be happy to send him to the Gambia if he was required.

"In this country these rats would be excellent at sniffing out bombs. If the anti-terror police wanted me to I would interested and more than happy to train them."

The bomb sniffing training process begins when rats are five weeks old and are weaned from their mothers.

Trainers begin socialising the young rats to the sights, sounds, and textures of the world by walking them on wet grass, going for a ride in a lorry and interacting with humans.

Then the sniffer rats are taught to recognise the smell of metal land mine casings in return for a food reward.

Thirty sniffer rats are already being used in Mozambique, Africa, and have proved incredibly successful for the detection and removal of land mines.

The rodents are fitted to a leash before scrambling their way over a piece of ground, sniffing out any explosives.

A trained rat can clear 100 metres square in 30 minutes, equivalent to two days work for a manual de-miner.

The rats are about 75 cm long (30 inches) and weigh about 1.35 kilograms (3 lbs) which means they can scamper across a minefield without detonating the charges.

Monday, January 4, 2010

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Unique And Interesting Sidecars

Unique And Interesting Sidecars

We aren't enthusiastic about bikes nor do the sidecars interest us, but what got our attention is the VW Van Sidecar, which looked truly impressive and gave us an idea to compile a post on sidecars. The next best thing that happened to us was coming across the 'Camper Sidecar' that looked really special and unique. And then later we came across a few interesting sidecars such as the Vespa Sidecar, Roadrocket, "Utility" Sidecar, Basket-Work Sidecar ………… and many more. We are sure that if you are among those who like bikes, then this is something that is sure to get your attention, have a look.
Lambretta Scooter With A VW Van Sidecar
Lambretta Scooter With A VW Van SidecarCamper Sidecar:
Camper SidecarE Pols presented a folding camper sidecar that was fastened to a Honda Goldwing at the Dutch Motorcycle Show "Tweewieler RAI" of February 1976. All it took was about 30 seconds to unfold the sidecar and transform it into a spacious frame tent by the demonstration team. Though in actual the whole procedure would probably take about two minutes. Complete with draw-out kitchen, the sidecar weighed 120 kg; fully laden the weight was about 170 kg. All that is needed to unfold the tent was first to open the lid and place it on the ground, then straighten the inner frame and tighten the lines and its done. The camper had double bed and the pull-out kitchen came with gascooker and washbasin, and the kitchen could also be used without unfolding the camper. And most importantly, camper sidecar used the same frame as the passenger sidecar P1.
Basket-Work Sidecar
Basket-Work SidecarA basket-work sidecar on a Yale motorcycle.
Roadrocket (2) 1Roadrocket (2) 2Another impressive one, with a unique design and the inspiration of which reflects in its name!
Vespas With Sidecars:
Vespa With Side Car (6)
Vespa With Side Car (6) 5
1950's Vespa "Utility" sidecar.
Vespa With Side Car (6) 3
Restored Vespa scooter with sidecar.
Vespa With Side Car (6) 4
Vespa With Side Car (6) 2
Italjet Indian 50cc with Sidecar
Italjet Indian 50cc with SidecarStella With Sidecar
Stella And Side CarLambretta With Sidecar
Lambretta With SidecarAnd this comes from Flexit sidecars
Flexit sidecarsWhen we came across this one, we weren't sure how would it be attached to the bike, any guesses?
50's Style
50's StyleTaxi Sidecar
Taxi Sidecar
Swallowsidecar1986 BMW K100 with EML Sidecar
1986 BMW K100 with EML Sidecar2003 HD Heritage Springer with Olive & Black
2003 HD Heritage Springer with Olive & BlackSolardriven Sidecar
Solardriven SidecarThe first solardriven sidecar of the world, Motosolino: designed by W├╝thrich.
Sidecars Used For Transportation Of Goods:
Sidecars Used For Transportation Of Goods (6) 1
This sidecar is created using mostly pipes (a cost effective method) and used for transportation of goods or in this case laundry.
Sidecars Used For Transportation Of Goods (6) 2
Another one where the sidecar is rather a booth to sell the fruits.
Sidecars Used For Transportation Of Goods (6) 3
Sidecars Used For Transportation Of Goods (6) 4
Sidecars Used For Transportation Of Goods (6) 5
Another sidecar been used for transportation.
Yamaha Mega Comet 1200
Yamaha Mega Comet 1200BMW R850 R Sidecar Dedome
BMW R850 R Sidecar DedomeVoxan Cafe Racer Side Hechard
Voxan Cafe Racer Side HechardUzuki Hayabusa GT Sidecar
Uzuki Hayabusa GT SidecarHonda Gold Wing Orion SE
Honda Gold Wing Orion SEPV1 Scooter Sidecar
PV1 Scooter SidecarNot sure of this one: Any idea of the brand of this scooter?
side car
Yamaha FJR1300 Merlin Super Sport Sidecar
Yamaha FJR1300 Merlin Super Sport SidecarArmec's Triumph With Sidecar
Armec's Triumph With SidecarFriendship III
Friendship IIIModel 700 Cruiser With Velorex Sidecar
Model 700 Cruiser With Velorex SidecarDauntless Motors M72 D Sidecar
Dauntless Motors M72 D SidecarUral Gear-Up
Ural Gear-UpB.M.W / Ural Sidecar
B.M.W Ural SidecarSchwenker's Sidecar
Schwenkers SidecarMotek's Sidecar
Moteks SidecarSuzuki With Sidecar
Suzuki With SidecarBMW K 1200 LT MIT Mobec Furax GT
BMW K 1200 LT MIT Mobec Furax GTJapanese Sidecar
Japanese SidecarHedingham XL With HD
Hedingham XL With HD2001 Triumph Legend With A Custom Made Sidecar:
2001 Triumph Legend With A Custom Made SidecarEML Sidecar
EML SidecarThis comes from Fed Rally
This comes from Fed RallyBMW 1150GS Enduro Sidecar Outfit
BMW 1150GS Enduro Sidecar OutfitAnd this comes from 2007 Festival Yamanakako sidecar:
And this comes from 2007 Festival Yamanakako sidecar



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